Get Out And Enjoy May Flowers!

Warm weather, crisp air, and the freedom of the outdoors.  The Spring and Summer months are a time when everyone can shake off the blues of the cold winter and enjoy everything that nature has to offer.  There are many activities that you can take advantage of now that you can spend more time outside!  Land Of The Gummies wants to share some of our favorite outdoor activities that may have a connection to our favorite gummies, so we are going to go over the top 5 outdoor activities that we think you should try as soon as possible.  Did your favorite make the list?

1. Fishing

Fishing is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy.  Whether it is at a pond, a river, or even at the beach, fishing is a great way to spend some quality time with friends or family.  If you go out with your children, it is a fun way to teach them the value of patience and discipline.  You can take along some Assorted Gummy Worms to snack on.  Do you think they would make good bait?

2.  Camping

Camping can be the getaway you need to unwind and forget about life for a while.  Maybe you are the type that likes to fully unplug and go off the grid for a bit by finding a secluded campground, pitching your tent, and sleeping under the stars.  It sounds so relaxing!  Perhaps you prefer to take some of the luxuries of home with you and go “Glamping” with a camper or an RV while you check out the constellations.  No matter how you do it, camping can be a wonderful experience that can allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Maybe you can even get out there on 4th of July weekend and enjoy some Gummy Patriotic Stars while you are at it!  Can you make your favorite constellation with these stars?

3.  Hiking

Hiking all of the trails out there would probably take you a couple of lifetimes, so there are plenty of new places you can go and discover.  Exploring nature in all of its glory can be a great bonding experience.  You could spend your whole day trekking through the woods to find an old cave.  Bring a book or two that can help with identifying birds, insects, and other wild animals.  You could go on a hunt to find buried treasure or old fossils.  The possibilities are endless!  Make sure you pack a bag with snacks and drinks to keep you energized for your trip!  Do you think you think that you will find some Assorted Dinosaur bones out there?

4.  Picking Fruits At A Farm Or Orchard

Few things match the taste of some fruits that you have handpicked yourself.  There are many places you can go to pick your own fruits to take home and enjoy.  Then you can make things like jams or preserves to use throughout the year!  You can never go wrong with a pie either.  Whether you are in the mood for cherries, berries, peaches, or watermelons, spring and summer are the seasons to go get them.  Take some of our candies with you to compare the great tastes!

5.  Beach Day

When the Sun is glaring down and the heat is rising, nothing beats a day at the beach.  With many beaches close to Pennsylvania, you have miles of sand, sun, and fun ahead of you.  Catch some waves and boogie board or surf until your heart’s content.  Just watch out for the local wildlife in the open water.  Flip the script and take a bite out of a shark for a change with our Assorted Shark gummies!

No matter what outdoor activity you choose, you are sure to have a lot of fun and make tons of memories.  Enjoy the time you have with your friends and family and take it all in while you can because we all know the fall and winter will be back before you know it!

Maybe we will come back and do a list of our favorite fall and winter activities too!  Visit our blog again in a few months to see what we come up with and while you’re at it, check out our entire inventory of great gummy products right here!

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