Fun Facts About Penguins

Penguins are one of Land Of The Gummies favorite animals.  As a matter of fact, we like them so much, we even have a candy shaped like penguins!  Penguins are one of nature’s most beloved creatures.  As one of the most recognizable species of birds, penguins’ well-defined features and style allow them to stand out amongst the crowd.  Even within the hierarchy of other distinct birds like flamingos and peacocks, penguins are cut from a different cloth and we’re here to tell you some fun facts about them!

With winter in full swing here, it is time to take a look at a bird that people often associate with colder climates, though they aren’t always found there.  More on that later!  Let’s dive in to some facts about penguins you probably already know, and a few you might not.

A group of penguins is often referred to as a rookery.  But they also can be commonly called a colony or a huddle.  That last one is easy to see why they’re dubbed that, since they often travel tightly grouped in an effort to stay warm and protect themselves.  But there’s one last naming convention for penguins we are sure many of you never heard of.  Penguins grouped together in the water are called a raft!

Penguins can’t fly.  Ok, so you already knew that one.  Everyone knows that penguins can’t fly.  But what if I told you they could.  Maybe not in the traditional sense though.  Penguins can “fly” under water.  While most birds developed air filled hollow bones that keep them light and agile, so that they can fly through the air, penguins have dense solid bones instead.  This helps them soar through the water and maintain strong muscles.  They also reduce buoyancy, which would make them float.

Penguins have thick feathers that keep them warm.  But that is not the only thing that keeps them from freezing some of the frigid environments they live in.  We already told you above that they keep warm by staying huddled together in groups, but there is another way that penguins keep their temperature up.  There is a special gland near the base of its tail that secrets a waterproof oil.  Penguins will spend a significant portion of their day spreading this oil over the body to help them stay warm.  This is especially effective when swimming through the ice-cold waters they are commonly seen in.

Penguins live in a variety of habitats and locations around the world.  Most people often associate penguins with cold climates surrounded by ice, snow and frigid waters.  But penguins can be found all over the world.  Some of them are even warmer climates than you would expect.  There are species of penguins that can be found in Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ecuador.  Who would have thought you’d find penguins anywhere but the north pole?  Or is it the south pole?  Is it both?

So, do penguins live in the north pole?  While many theatrical or cartoon depictions show penguins frolicking about with polar bears through snow and sledding down glaciers, this simply is not the case in real life.  Polar bears live north of the equator while penguins live south of the equator.  Who would have thought this would be such an easy fact to overlook!

Did you know all of those fun facts about penguins?  While penguins might be one of our favorite animals that we stock candies of, they certainly aren’t the only one!  We also have sharks, lobsters, starfish and of course BEARS!

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