Gummy Classics With a Twist

The gummy bear is easily the most iconic gummy candy of all time.  Enjoyed the world over, the gummy bear is a delicious fruity treat that resonates with just about everyone!  In today’s modern world, old-fashioned candies are becoming a thing of the past, but the gummy bear has stood the test of time.  At nearly one hundred years old, gummy bears are a staple that is here to stay, as gummy producers all over the world now make gummy bears.

Land Of The Gummies is proud to sell several different types of this acclaimed treat.  We only use the best quality ingredients in our products to pass a superior product on to our customers.  We want to take some time to look back at where gummy bears got their start and showcase some of the wonderful products we have to offer.

In the early 1900s, a German man named Hans Riegel was working in a candy factory in the town of Bonn, Germany.  He had gained a lot of knowledge working there but wanted to strive for something more.  In 1920, Riegel struck out on his own and began making candy himself.  He named his company after himself and his hometown and soon after Hans Riegel of Bonn, Germany was up and running.  Does the name ring a bell?

He started with hard candies that he and his family sold at markets, street fairs, and even delivered by bicycle.  Riegel was inspired by one of the acts he saw in a street fair where bears were dressed up and taught to dance for cheering crowds.  He was so impressed he modeled his next candy after them.  After experimenting with different formulas and recipes, Riegel developed a gelatin-based fruit-flavored treat that was unlike anything before it.  After molding the gelatin into the shape of the dancing bears, they were a smash hit.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Gummy bears began to gain popularity and gummy candies started coming in all different shapes and sizes!  Bears have always been the most popular shape of gummy candies, but can you guess the other animal that comes in second place?  Worms!  You’ve no doubt had gummy worms at a movie theater or while picking up snacks at a convenience store.  They are every bit as delicious as their bear counterparts!

Land Of The Gummies would not be what it is today if gummy bears never existed.  In a small way, all of the gummy producers and every gummy manufacturer is here because of the groundwork of Hans Riegel all those years ago.  We have a wide range of great gummy products and we want to take some time to highlight all of our gummy bears and worms.

6 Flavor Assorted Gummy Bears – Of course we were going to start with the gummy bears that everyone knows and loves!  The classic flavors of pineapple, orange, apple, lemon, strawberry, and cherry are sure to be a delight to anyone who tries them.

Individually Wrapped Gourmet Gummy Bears – The classic assorted gummy bear has something for everyone, but what if you are a fan of just one flavor in particular?  Land Of The Gummies has four different individually wrapped flavors to choose from!  The vivid, cherry, red gummy bears are bursting with flavor.  The blue gummy bears would be great for a themed party or get together.  The yellow gummy bears bring a ray of sunshine along with their pineapple flavoring.  The refreshing orange-flavored gummy bears are sure to be a big hit this summer!  Or, you can get them all to create your own assortment!

Sour Neon Gummy Bears – Adding a punch of sour flavor takes regular gummy bears to the next level!  These bears kick things up a notch and are sure to make your mouth puckered up!  With flavors like strawberry, apple, cherry, raspberry, and of course lemon, you cannot go wrong with these sour gummies!

Gummy worms – While gummy bears started the gummy journey, it is gummy worms that came in as an unusual successor.  These gummies have the same great flavor and texture as their bear gummy cousins but take things in a playful and different direction.  Land Of The Gummies has Assorted Gummy Worms, as well as Sour Neon Gummy Worms.  You cannot go wrong with either one!


Land Of The Gummies has even more amazing products that show just how much variety there is in the gummy candy space.  With over 40 different shapes and flavors of gummies, you are sure to find something that you will like!


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