Will Gummy Bears Ever Rule the World?

Gummy bears are such a unique and ubiquitous gummy candy, that it may not be a stretch to think that they could rule the world one day- the gummy world that is!  The gummy bear is an iconic gummy candy that just about everyone loves!

You can read more about gummy bears and how they got their start in our blog here!

Land Of The Gummies is a great place to get gummy bears, but did you know that we have over two dozen gummy products?  Gummy bears are the most recognizable and one of the most popular, but we have gummy candies that come in all different shapes and sizes.  We work hard to bring products to our clients that are both distinctive and delicious!

Our goal is to have the best quality gummies on the market!  Let’s take a look at some of the popular gummies we have, as well as some of the unique gummies that you may be less familiar with.

Gummy Bears – Of course we have to start with the gummy that started it all – the gummy bear!  We have standard Gummy Bears, as well as Sour Neon Gummy Bears for those of you looking for something a little different.  We even have individually wrapped gummy bears in Orange, Blue, Red, and Yellow


Gummy Worms – Perhaps the next most popular, coming in just after Gummy Bears, is Gummy Worms. We have Gummy Worms in assorted flavors that are sure to please.  Each worm comes with two flavors that go hand in hand.  Cherry and Pineapple – Orange and Lemon – even Cherry and Green Apple.  And if you are looking for Sour Neon Gummy Worms, we have those too!

Gummy Ice Cream Cone – Summer is always a great time for ice cream! These Gummy Ice Cream Cones are a great treat that can be enjoyed without worrying about it starting to melt in the summer heat!  With a unique cream texture, these ice cream cones have three distinct flavors that customers are familiar with.  Vanilla, strawberry, and mint flavors sit atop a cone that has a one-of-a-kind buttery taste.  The combination of gummy candy and ice cream will no doubt be a big hit!

Peachy Penguins – While temperatures rise, customers can think about the cold artic and the penguins that march through it and then they can cool off with some Peachy Penguins!  These delightful treats will waddle their ways into customers’ hearts and mouths and are sure to be enjoyed by all.  Do not let the classy exterior of these penguins fool you – they are ready to party!

Gummy Watermelon Slices – Watermelon is enjoyed by everyone in the summer. Juicy, refreshing, and tasty are some of the words that come to mind when thinking about watermelon.  Customers can get that same feeling when enjoying a gummy treat that they will never forget.  Made to mimic the recognizable summer fruit, these watermelon slices are soft and can be enjoyed all year round.

Land Of The Gummies has a great range of products that are sure to please everyone.  With classics and new treats, our line of delectable gummy candies come from some of the best gummy producers and manufacturers around.  Providing products that are both superior in taste and quality has been part of our mission from the start and offering excellent products at a great value is part of our commitment to each client we have.

Check out our entire inventory here to see what other great gummy candies we have to offer!

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