Yummy Gummies to Use for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, meaning it’s the perfect time to stock up on treats. This year, how about going for something a little different – yet still fun and delicious – yummy gummies!

So break the monotony of the same-old, same-old, chocolates and sweets, and fill your candy bowls with these Land Of The Gummies unique gummy characters for an exciting and sweet night of trick-or-treating:

Good old assorted gummy worms are a staple among the gummies, with translucent bodies and bursting with flavors of cherry/pineapple, orange/lemon and cherry/green apple.

Sour Neon Gummy Worm – this creepy-crawly gummy is ideal for a Halloween party or haunted house this season.

Land Of The Gummies gummy sea creatures – Blue Sharks, Assorted Sharks, and gourmet filled sea animals will be the spooky stars of your party.

Colorful Gummy Sharks come in cherry red, lime green, blue raspberry blue and lemon yellow, with translucent, brightly colored bodies and white foam bellies that almost look like scales. They provide a delicious and firm bite and a yummy green apple and lemon flavors.

Gummy Crocodiles are small crocs with big personalities – a great option to have lurking at your Halloween party.

T07223 - Crocodile with Foam Bottom 4 g

These gummies have translucent and vibrant green body on a white foam belly, and boast a scrumptious flavor of green apple.

Gourmet Filled Gummy Insects are one-of-a-kind gummies – everyone will welcome this kind of insects’ invasion! With a sour sand outside, a soft gummy chew and a delightful burst of strawberry-watermelon, blackberry, and watermelon flavors with a translucent top to allow the inside strawberry-watermelon liquid filling to show through.

Have some prehistoric fun with a chewy gang of dinosaurs – a bag full of stegosaurus, brontosaurus, triceratops and tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Assorted gummies. Their translucent, soft yet chewy bodies of cherry, lime, orange and lemon will be sure to be a hit with all ages of dinosaur fans.


T07202 - Gummy Dinosaur Asst 4.2 g

Finally, an excellent addition to your Halloween party will be Land Of The Gummies Individually Wrapped Gourmet Bears – crowd-friendly, bursting with vibrant colors, covered in sparkling sugar sand, enticingly fresh and tasty.

And, if you’re decorating for a Halloween party, you’ll find a variety of candy in all shades of orange and dark hues.

Make this Halloween special with our exclusive gummy candy – whether you’re serving gummies in bowls for your guests to enjoy throughout the party, or offering individual pieces, such as our Individually Wrapped Gourmet Bears, these yummy, entertaining gummy candies are sure to make your Halloween party guests smile.

Stock up on your favorite gummy worms and other gummy candy at your trusted gummy manufacturer, Land Of The Gummies®, with both bulk and retail options available.

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