We Appreciate You!

With the holidays around the corner, it is always a nice gesture to let your customers know that they are appreciated for more than just their business and there are several easy ways that this can be accomplished.


Thank You Notes

Go old school and take the time to handwrite a note to thank your customers for their business and support. People love to get mail that is not in the form of bills or advertisements, so your note can make your customers day. With personal and specific details related to your customer, they will know you took the time to make the note as meaningful as possible. You’ll make your customer’s day with the thoughtfulness of a note!

Send Some Goodies

Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift? If you have an actual store front, you can provide coffee, cookies, stickers and buttons, or even Land Of The Gummies gummy bears for customers who come to the store.

If your customers do their shopping online, it would make it the ideal situation to send a little something special with their next order, as a small token of your appreciation of them.

Send Cards on Unique Holidays

If trying to send a Christmas card or gift feels rushed, you can lessen the chance your card gets overlooked in a mass of other cards by sending it to a customer on a unique holiday. Odd holidays like Groundhog Day or National Gummy Bear Day (July 15th) can be a great day to receive a thank you note or a surprise gift.

Discount Their Bill

Whether it is a surprise coupon or a $10 gift card to spend in your store, it is a great way to show that you enjoy your customers’ business and want to thank them in a small way.

Let the Land Of The Gummies gummy collection help you say thank you to your most loyal supporters in a unique and fun way! We are dedicated to expanding our collection with a multitude of fun shapes, unique designs, and tasty flavors. Land Of The Gummies has grown a loyal following that increases daily, adding more gummy fans from around the world with both retail and wholesale options available.

Try some of our delicious gummies, today!

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