Top 5 Gummy Favorites

In the mix of fruit shapes, sour filled and sugar coated gummies, five top contenders stand out as crowd favorites in the Land Of The Gummies.

Ranked #5 on our Top 5 Fan Favorite Gummy list is the Red Gummy Bear.

These orchard-fresh red gummy bears are a classic with their big bursting cherry flavor. They are individually packaged to consistently deliver an extremely fresh bite. With their vivid red color, sweet sugar sand on the outside, and enticing cherry flavor, these bears are guaranteed to be an instant hit at your next color-themed party or snack time.

Red Gummy Bear


Coming in just short of the Top 5 is the Gourmet Filled Gummy Sea Animals.

These vibrantly-colored sea animals include a strawberry-flavored sea shell, a blueberry-flavored turtle and a grape-flavored starfish. All of the sea animals are coated in a fine sour sand and have a bright red sour cherry filling that adds an extra blast of flavor that bursts into your mouth.

Gourmet Filled Sea Animals


Ranked #4 on our list is the Blue Gummy Bear.

These tasty blue bears are delectable with their fine sweet and sour sugar coating. Individually wrapped for ultimate freshness, these bears are ready for baby showers, birthday parties or any other blue themed party you can dream of. The blue gummy bears will make the perfect party favor for any occasion.

Blue Gummy Bear

Another fan favorite that did not make the Top 5 but is deliciously deadly is the Blue Sharks.

These sharks are sure to prey on the appetites of customers roaming your candy aisle. Our gummy blue shark with foam bottom has a translucent blue-green that looks just like the depths of the ocean. Their foam white bellies perfectly mimic the belly of the great white shark. Plus, their blue raspberry flavor and great firm bite make these sharks hard to resist.

Gummy Shark


Ranked #3 on Sour Neon Gummy Bear.

Pucker up! These cute little bears pack a sour punch! Vibrantly colored sour neon gummy bears are a sugar sanded American classic.  These bright bears come In Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, Lemon, Orange, and Raspberry flavors.

Sour Neon Gummy Bear

Ranked # 2 on the list is the Green Apple Gummy Bear.

Our beloved and fresh-tasting apple green gummy bears are the perfect snack for your next special occasion. Wrapped individually for freshness, these 1.25-inch gummies are perfect for color coordination. Their mouth-watering green apple flavor and glistening sweet sugar on the outside makes for an unforgettable and addictive snack. With a fresh, soft bite, these individually wrapped, single color bears are sure to be an inspired and colorful treat.

Green Gummy  Bear


And the Top Fan Favorite Gummy is the Sour Mini Gummy Worms!

Our sour mini gummy worms are the perfect snack for the gummy aficionado. These worms come in combinations of blue/yellow, blue/red, yellow/red, green/orange and red/green. Each of these colors has a distinct tart flavor profile of blue raspberry, lemon, lime, orange and cherry. Every worm is coated in an appetizing sour sand. With a creamy opaque appearance and a soft gummy bite, you’ll be glad you allowed these worms to wiggle into your candy aisle.

Mini Sour Gummy Worm



You can order any of these very popular Top 5 Gummy Favorites or your personal favorites from the Land Of The Gummies website!

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