The Evolution of the Gummy Bear

While the history of the gummy bear is extensive, gummy candies in all of their various shapes and exciting flavors are a favorite candy among children and the young at heart.

A Brief History of the Gummy Bear

In the town of Bonn, Germany, entrepreneur and confectioner, Hans Riegel Sr., began making sweets and other candy products from his small home. Hans Riegel Sr. previously gained experience from local candy company in Germany before growing dispassionate about his career there. He had the desire to make something unique and to call his own. So in 1920, Riegel and his wife began a new adventure and started their own company. Hans Riegel Sr. would take up the role as the main confectioner tasked with making the sweet and sugary candy while his wife would ride her bike through the town delivering orders and selling the sweets to the local community.

Little did the Riegels know what started off as a struggling business would soon become a booming industry when Hans Riegel Sr. developed a bear shaped gummy candy known as Gummibär, or the gummy bear.


Gummy Bear Nation

While the gummy bear has been around for nearly 100 years, the flavorful candy only made its way to the shores of America in 1981. According to Leaf TV, the American candy manufacture, Trolli, was so inspired by the success of the gummy bear, that they created the gummy worm.

But ever since the gummy bear came to the United States, candy companies began creating new flavors and shapes. Today, the gummy can be found dipped in sweet or sour sugar, filled with liquid candy and molded in hundreds of shapes.

The Land Of The Gummies

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