Our Summer Just Got Sweeter!

Summer’s most popular gummy item just got some competition. These sweet yet sour gummies formed in the shape of rings with a taste like freshly-picked peaches, are ranked among the favorite gummy candies.

Peach rings have been known to be the highlight of any party with their addictively good flavor and iconic peachy orange colorings, however, joining the beloved peach ring in the Land Of The Gummies circuit are two newcomers, the apple ring and the watermelon ring!

Our sweet and tart apple rings are an eye catching bright green candy certain to win over many-a browser in your candy aisle. These brilliant, translucent, candy-apple green rings are generously dusted with a fine sour sugar. These apple rings have a firm gummy bite to them, and can be eaten by the handful.

C07288- Apple Rings 7.5g

Will the delicious green apple ring overthrow the peach ring as summer’s gummy ring or will the watermelon ring gummy steal the title?

If you are in need of a life-saver on a hot day, look no further than the deliciously refreshing red gummy watermelon rings. A slight sugary crunch precedes a burst of succulent watermelon flavor which floods your mouth with each chew and makes you want to yell out “Born in the USA!”

C07287- Watermelon Rings 7.5g

Excited to try these newcomers? You can place your consumer size or bulk orders by clicking here!

Looking to try something different with your peach ring gummies? This snack will cross of every sweet, sour and chocolate box there is!

White Chocolate dipped Peach Rings from the kitchen of Just a Pinch Recipes


  • peach rings
  • white chocolate chips or white candy melts
  • skewers


  1. Melt White chocolate in Microwave or Double boiler until completely melted
  2. Skewer each peach ring, then dip into white chocolate until fully coated
  3. Place on a silicone mat, or parchment paper. And refrigerate for 20 minutes or until fully set.
  4. Enjoy!!!

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