Our Gourmet Filled Gummies Were Recently Featured On CandyIndustry.com!

Candy Industry Magazine has been delivering the most “in-the-field, in-the-plant” coverage of the confectionery industry, visiting candy manufacturers over the globe from Galveston to Ghana since 1944.

They provide in-depth news analysis and complete profiles of top candy companies, including best gummy candy manufacturers, and cover the latest trends in processing, research and development, category growth and new products.

Land Of The Gummies has recently been featured in Candy Industry for our Gourmet Gummy Collection – something we are very proud and grateful for.

They covered LOTG’s gourmet filled gummy stand up pouches, including:



Our delicious and colorful Gourmet Filled Gummy Sea Animals now also come packed in an attractive SUP Bag.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 8.35.22 AM

These vibrantly-colored sea animals come in a strawberry-flavored sea shell, a blueberry-flavored turtle and a grape-flavored starfish.

All of the gourmet filled gummy sea animals are coated in a fine sour sand. Once you bite through the chewy, tart exterior, a bright red sour cherry filling bursts into your mouth. The top portion of the sea shell and turtle is translucent so that the bright red filling is visible. The bottom of each sea animal gummy is a bright yellow foam.



Our delicious and colorful Gourmet Filled Gummy Bears now also come packed in an attractive SUP Bag.

These gummie bears are a one of a kind addition to your gummy bear line-up. Each bear, consisting of blueberry, cherry and green apple, is covered with a fine sour sugar and has a chewy exterior. When you bite into this gourmet filled gummy bear, you’re instantly greeted by a perfectly tart liquid watermelon filling. The top of the gummy bear is slightly translucent so you can really see the filling, while the bottom is of light green foam.



We took our one-of-a-kind gummy insects and packed them into a SUP bag.

These gourmet filled gummy insects provide the perfect texture with sour sand outside, a soft gummy chew and a delightful burst of flavors. Tart sanded strawberry-watermelon, blackberry, watermelon & strawberry flavors with a burst of strawberry-watermelon liquid center.

This is the insect invasion you’ll want to invite and welcome!


What an honor it is to have our dedication and passion for high quality candies and awesome products featured in such a reputable online publication as the Candy Industry!

If you’ve never tried LOTG’s gourmet filled gummies, you are missing out on a whole new level of gummies.

Filled gummies offer wonderfully complex flavors, are covered with a fine sour sugar and have a sweetly refreshing tart liquid filling. The top portion of the filled gummies is translucent so that the bright colored filling can stand out beautifully. They make a unique addition to a gummy bear collection, party favors or special occasion candy buffets.

The Land Of The Gummies offers various other bulk gummies and filled gummy animals.

Looking for best gummy manufacturers in the USA? We invite you to browse our carefully selected gummy bears in both bulk retail options right here.

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