Introducing New Jells and Gummies!

Land of the Gummies® are proud to introduce new Jells and Gummies! 

Jells are candy reminiscent of gumdrops that come in assorted flavors and are generously coated with sugar. Land of the Gummies® new jell candies offer high quality jell texture and a fuller flavor profile.

To offer a summertime feel, choose from Orange Slices, Fruit Slices, Cherry Slices or Spearmint Leaves. They are great for any summer party, picnic or just because one has a sweet tooth.

Other new jells include Spice Drops and Giant Jels. These are a great option for sweet snacking, but also to add flavor and color to all kinds of desserts.

Land of the Gummies® new gummy candies provide soft American style bite, superb fruity flavor with no artificial taste, and come in vivid colors.

Our Peach Rings provide a perfectly peachy sensation. Alternating orange and yellow color, these gummies are chewy, fruity, and dusted with just the perfect amount of sweet sugar.

U07346 - Peach Rings

We’ve also added Watermelon Rings, another candy that will enhance anyone’s summer picnic or party. They are pink and white, and bursting with watermelon flavor.

Make sure you offer these fun gummies so your customers can easily jazz up their parties – and make both kids and kids at heart happy.

Party stores: Are you looking for a perfect product to offer for party themed displays?

Why not feature some adorable looking, yummy tasting animal-shaped candies, such as Land of the Gummies® Shark Gummies for a beach themed party. Colorful Gummy Sharks are translucent and brightly colored, with a delicious, firm bite in assorted flavors, Cherry, Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Lemon.

T07219 - Assorted Shark with Foam Bottom 8g

For a Zoo party extravaganza, for instance, stock up on our newly added 12 and 6 Flavor Gummy Bears, JuJu Cinnamon Bears, Neon Sour Gummy Bear, Gummy Worms, Neon Sour Gummy Worms, and other favorites such as Gummy Cobras, Gorillas, Lions and Crocodiles.

U07342 - Sour Neon Gummy Bear

LOTG’s soft, indulgent treats will add a fun touch to any event and satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Another reason why our jells and gummies are the best gummy candy – they are all allergen free.

Whether for a candy buffet, exciting party favors or prizes for winners of party games, or, just because gummies and jells are awesome – choose LOTG’s fun, colorful, and delicious gummy candies to brighten everyone’s day.

For best gummy candy, wander through the Land of the Gummies® and discover our latest additions perfect for any occasion, with both bulk and retail options available.

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