Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is fast approaching and millions of people around the world will be gearing up to celebrate.  For most of us here in America, the holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving, rolls in to Christmas and continues on to New Year’s Eve.  Many of us have traditions that we carry out through the holiday season.  Others have stories and tales that have been passed down from generation to generation.

What are some of your traditions or stories? Land Of The Gummies recognizes that there are many different traditions all over the world.

Here are some familiar traditions and stories you might have heard of and a few that may surprise you!

Santa Claus

Of course, we had to start things off with one of the most recognizable figures during the holiday season.  Santa!  The history of where Santa Claus came to be dates back a very long time.  St. Nicholas was born somewhere around 280 A.D. and was known far and wide for his compassion, his willingness to help others and his faith.  One of the best-known examples of this was when he had saved three young girls from being sold into slavery.  St. Nicholas’ popularity grew with time and by the early 1800s his fabled story had been transformed in the jolly old man in the red suit we all know and love.  If you weren’t on the naughty list this year, treat yourself to some Peachy Penguin gummies.

The Yule Lads

Many of us know that if we behave throughout the year Santa will bring us a nice present on Christmas day.  And if we don’t, we’ll get a nice lump of coal!  Iceland was once famous for the story of the 13 Yule Lads.  Though the story isn’t as popular as it was in the past, children used to have a tradition of leaving a shoe on their window sill.  Legend has it that beginning on December 12th, the Yule Lads would visit the houses of all the children in Iceland and decide to leave candy in their shoe if they were a good child.  But if you were a bad child, you got a shoe full of rotting potatoes.  Try this tradition out with your kids by leaving some Gummy Peach Rings in their shoe this year if they were a good child!

Ukraine’s Spider Web Tree

Some Ukrainian families still have a tradition of decorating their Christmas trees with spider webs.  This tradition originates from the story of a poor family didn’t have much and decided to grow their own Christmas tree.  When the tree got big enough the children were excited to have their very own tree that their family had grown.  Unfortunately, since the family had no money, they couldn’t afford to decorate it.  The family went to bed that night and when they awoke the next morning, they had discovered that spiders had adorned their tree with intricate decorative webs made of glimmering spider silk.  The morning dew covered the webs and when the sun gleamed at just the right angle, it was as if the silk turned silver and gold.  Why not decorate your tree with some spider webs and order some Gourmet Filled Gummy Insects to go with it!

KFC in Japan

While Japan doesn’t formally celebrate Christmas, there has been a tradition spanning over 30 years!  In the 1970s, the Colonel’s special recipe of chicken seasoned with 11 herbs and spices was a coveted meal for many foreigners in Japan who were looking for a familiar taste of home.  Over the years, many locals have embraced the idea of a “traditional” holiday meal from KFC.  So much so that it is common for special orders to be placed months in advance for a Christmas dinner.  Few things go better with fried chicken than an ice cold cola.  Maybe you can substitute some Gummy Cola Bottle snacks as a desert after Christmas dinner this year.

Land Of The Gummies recognizes that many people have different traditions that they are proud of.  We are proud to work with gummy manufactures from around the world to bring all of our customers gummies of the highest quality.  We have a variety of gummies that is sure to fit any occasion you would have.

Be sure to contact us, to get more information about any of our products or to check out our products online.  Have a happy and safe holiday season!

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