Gummy vs. Jelly vs. JuJu Candy – What’s the Difference?

We were all kids in a candy store once, exploring the aisles of endless sugar and begging our parents to purchase us a treat while promising to be on our best behavior. Enticing shelves filled with delectable gummy bears, chewy jelly fruit and yummy juju candy, it was hard to decide which sweet treat we desired most.

But what separates these beloved, tasty candies into their own individual categories?

The Gummy Family  

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In 1920, Hans Riegel from Bonn, Germany began creating a new form of candy. His creation was soft, chewy and molded into the form of a bear in his kitchen. The bears were born out of his discontentment with his job at a local confectionary shop. Mixing sugar, gelatin and fruit flavors into this unique gummy candy, it became an instant favorite among children and adults.

A gummy is characterized as a soft, yet chewy sweet with a gelatin base and a fruit-like flavoring. Today, the iconic gummy bear can be commonly be found in twelve different flavors (cherry, strawberry, lemon, apple, orange, mango, grapefruit, watermelon, lime, blue raspberry, grape and pineapple), dipped in sour sugar, and molded into any shape you can imagine. Exciting shapes like emojis , worms or dinosaurs are the perfect treat for all ages.

The Jelly Family

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Jelly candy is usually found in the form of a fruit slice, sprinkled with a dusting of fine sugar with a delightfully moist jelly center. Jelly candy is denser than the average gummy bear and has been pleasing consumers for generations. These candies are composed of sugar, fruit flavors and a gelling agent (typically agar-agar). Agar-agar is derived from seaweed, a kosher ingredient, and gives the jelly fruit its exceptional texture.

The jelly fruit slice is considered a North American sweet circa the mid-1900’s in either Boston, Massachusetts or Winnipeg, Canada. The location of origin of this fruity confection is unknown, with several candy stores claiming to be the original creator of the sweet. Today, there are over six different flavors of jelly fruit candy and it has even been developed into a refreshing spearmint variety.

The JuJu Family

Juju candy was developed in the late 19-20th century. It quickly became a traditional western treat among consumers. Unlike the gummy family, JuJu candy is made with a starch and corn syrup base that makes the candies thicker in texture and appearance. These firm candies are often harder to chew than gummy bears.

We offer several styles of JuJu candy from deliciously, spicy cinnamon bears to the scrumptious  licorice anise bears. The taste of these delicacies will have you coming back for more.

While each of these candy families are different in their own ways, they are equally delicious. We encourage you to try them all and discover the delightful differences for yourself.

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