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Below are the top fourteen most asked questions and answers.


Question: Does Land Of The Gummies contract manufacture?

Answer: Land Of The Gummies does offer contract manufacturing, please contact us for more details. Click here to contact Land Of The Gummies.


Question: Do you give donations? If so, how can it be requested?

Answer: Land Of The Gummies does provide donations on a select basis, please contact us for more information. Click here to contact Land Of The Gummies for a donation request.


Question: Do you accept credit card payments?

Answer: At this time, we do not accept credit card as a form of payment. We accept wire transfer and Automated Clearing House (ACH). We also accept company checks from approved credit terms customers.


Question: How can I get pricing?

Answer: Pricing is available by contacting sales@landofthegummies.com.


Question: I’m interested in Land Of The Gummies products but can’t purchase in large quantities, where can I purchase individual case quantities?

Answer: We have distributors who can sell in quantities less than our minimums, please contact sales@landofthegummies.com to be directed to one.


Question: What is the order minimum to buy direct?

Answer: To purchase directly from us, the minimum purchase amount is 1,000 lbs. per order.


Question: Can I get a sample of the products?

Answer: Yes, please contact sales@landofthegummies.com so we can direct the request to the proper district.


Question: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes, we do offer international sales. Please contact us at sales@landofthegummies.com to discuss shipment.


Question: Do you produce or pack these products near any known allergens?

Answer: Each item lists an allergen statement on the package, please consult the package for the most up to date information.


Question: What kind of gelatin does your company use in your candy?

Answer: We use both beef or pork gelatin, depending on the product. For more information, please contact sales@landofthegummies.com.


Question: Do you carry sugar free gummies?

Answer: Yes, we do offer sugar free products. Click here to view our sugar free gummy selection.


Question: Does Land Of The Gummies offer factory tours?

Answer: At this time we do not offer factory tours.


Question: Are your products Kosher?

Answer: Our gummy products are not Kosher.


Question: Do you produce CBD Gummies?

Answer: Land Of The Gummies does not currently produce gummies with CBD oil.


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