Check Out These Unique Gummy Shapes We Have

The gummy worm, one of the most popular gummy characters, was born in the 80’s, paving the road for many more gummy animals and other interestingly shaped gummies, such as sea animals and coca cola bottles.

One of the most popular ways to feature your favorite gummy candy is in a themed party – the perfect place to enjoy their flavors, shapes and colors! 

If you love gummies, and especially a unique and fun gummy, you will love all the interesting shapes, colors and flavors found at the Land of the Gummies.

Here are a few ideas for enjoying some yummy, exciting and unique gummies:

Worms enjoy being in ‘dirt’, right? Great, next time you have a party, surprise your guests with a dessert with layers of crushed Oreos and a chocolate pudding mixture that looks like “dirt” rich with (gummy) worms!

Or, how about blue Jell-O Cups, each featuring a sea animal! Make them all with Assorted Colors Sharks, or make it even more fun and have an assortment of sea animals, including Land of the Gummies Turtles, Starfish, Red Lobsters, and Gourmet Filled Gummy Sea Animals.

Gummy Sharks come in vibrant colors of red, green, blue and yellow, with translucent bodies and white foam bellies that almost look like scales. Everyone will enjoy their green apple and lemon flavors and a firm bite.

T07219 - Assorted Shark with Foam Bottom 8g

Running out of ideas for your kid’s birthday party? Have a zoo-themed party – our Gummy Zoo Lions, Gorillas, Bears, Crocodiles and Alligators will make a perfect accompaniment, with their bright colors and yummy green apple, orange, lemon and cherry flavors. Simply make gummy candy skewers with these bite-sized, soft translucent treats and add a fun touch to the party and satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Add more adventure to the ordinary snacks with Gummy Cobras – these 9 ½ inch long gummies are a true work of art and will catch everyone’s attention.

As far as the birthday cake, well any cake, it can greatly be enhanced with adorable animals such as Penguin Gummies! These sweet, peach flavored, black penguins with white bellies have a smooth exterior and soft, chewy bite, and will look amazing on any color of your cake!


T07233 - Gummy Eye 5 g

Now, if you’re looking for more ways to express your emotions, Emoji Gummies are your answer! Or, for one-eye monster cookies, cupcakes or muffins, simply add a Gummy Eye onto a frosting – it’s that simple!

No matter what age your guests are, surprise them with some unique-looking, lovely tasting and conversation-starting gummy creations. 

Land of the Gummies® is your trusted internationally known gummy brand and gummy manufacturer that focuses on only superior products in taste, quality ingredients and best visual appeal.

If you’re looking for gummy candy manufacturers, your search ends right here – find your favorite products or try a new vibrantly colored gummy candy for your next party, with both bulk and retail options available.

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