Blast From The Past – Land Of The Gummies Introduces Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles

Land Of The Gummies is excited to introduce Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles. The new Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles are a fun, scrumptious twist on everyone’s favorite fizzy drinks. No matter the name – drinks, sodas, pops, colas, cokes, soda pops, or soft drinks – these Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles are sure to please soda fans around the world.

Land Of The Gummies® Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles showcase three favorite flavors – Classic Cola, Old-fashioned Cream Soda, and Awesome Orange. The yummy flavors burst forth from inside the sweetly sanded, bite-size gummy bottles, promising a refreshing treat that will quench any and all candy cravings. Outstanding flavors, classic colors, ageless soda bottle design, and premium ingredients make each Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottle a luscious bite.

C07270-Liquid-Filled-Gummy-Soda-BottlesThe Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles are the perfect addition to Land Of The Gummies® ever growing line of flavorful, premium quality gummies. Land Of The Gummies, with its headquarters in the United States, features state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, promising to deliver the world’s best and most mouthwatering gummies. The Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles, as well as all the great gummies at Land Of The Gummies, are backed by their ongoing promise of Quality, Integrity, and Enthusiasm.

“Land Of The Gummies® newly created Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles are our most innovative product to our lineup of unique and premium quality gummies. The new bottles taste like the soda they were created from and we’ve even added a cooling effect with a slight fizz sensation when you pop one in and start chewing. These bottles are my new favorite gummy piece as they taste fantastic and are interactive when eating. There are several levels of flavors, consistencies, and effects making these the most innovative gummy on the market today. They are currently available in single wrapped pieces as well as unwrapped for added sales channels and great growth opportunities.” – Edward Weaver, Partner, Land Of The Gummies.

At Land Of The Gummies, wholesalers and retailers are met with the promise of delectable and fabulously fun gummies – from the newest Liquid Filled Gummy Soda Bottles to Emoji Gummies, to all the colors of the rainbow and delightful choices including stars, sea animals, worms, dinosaurs, bears, and more.

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