5 Ways To Use Gummies For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and stores are adorned in pink and red heart shaped items and teddy bears and all kinds of chocolates. This Valentine’s Day, why not say it in a sweet, fun, and DIY way!

Give a gift that will be different, make your special someone feel giddy, and will only take a few minutes to put together.

Surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day – with DIY gifts with gummies!

Here are some ideas, especially perfect for someone who isn’t crazy about chocolate but still enjoys a sweet treat; and, if you’ve been giving chocolate and roses for too long!


1. Gummy Bears: “You Are ‘Bear-y’ Special To Me”

This is for all gummy bear candy lovers, and those who love handmade, hand-written, and fun gifts.

Place an assortment of the best gummy bears into a clear jar. Tie it with a ribbon, shoelace or twine that has your handwritten note: “You Are ‘Bear-y’ Special To Me” attach to it.

This is a great gift for your loved one, but also for your best friend or anyone else close to you.


Of course, you can play with the wording and write what speaks to you the best: “I Love You ‘Bear-y’ Much”; “You are my Bear-y Best Valentine”, etc.


 2. Gummy Fish: “There are many fish in the sea; but I choose you”

Simply fill up a clear jar or bag with a bunch of gummy fish and decorate a gift tag or a small piece of paper to put on top of it, that says: “There are many fish in the sea; but I choose you”. You can use a ribbon, or something similar, or you can staple it to bag.

Voila – you’ve made a creative and playful Valentine’s Day gift.


Or, express your feelings by writing: “I o-FISH-ally Love you”!


3. Gummy Worms: “I’m hooked on you”

Another fun and easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea, this time with gummy worms. Fill up a candy box (available at craft stores such as Michaels as well as online) with gummy worms, and either write on the box itself or attach a handwritten note to a ribbon or a twine: “I’m hooked on you”.

This will surely put a smile on your sweetie’s face!



4. Gummy Stars “You’re the star I wished upon”

Get the best gummy stars candy and place them in a jar, or in a clear wrapper. Attach a hand-written note that beautifully says: “You’re the Star I wished upon”.

This thoughtful gift will touch the heart of your special one!



5. Gummy Hearts: “I give you my heart this Valentine’s Day”

You can make many lovely gifts with sanded or gummy hearts. For instance, get some cupcakes (or, maybe even – bake some!), and decorate the frosting by adding a red or pink gummy heart or sanded heart. Present “your heart” on a nice plate, and underneath the cupcake place a handwritten note that says:

“I give you my heart this Valentine’s Day”.


Or, carefully wrap the cupcake(s) with a clear wrap and tie a ribbon above the frosting, to which you will attach your heart-warming note.

This Valentine’s Day, make it sweet, playful, and personal.

Tip: if this is an extra special Valentine’s, you can always add something else to keep gummy bears, stars, fish, worms and hearts company – such as a little jewelry box. 

Have a Loving and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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