Better Put a Ring on It

Do you ever take a peek into other people’s carts when you are grocery shopping? Or at the hardware store or strolling the aisles of another favorite store? Curiosity gets the best of all of us, and it’s fun to see what we might need to add to ours!

Since you can’t see other people’s online carts, today we’re gushing about something you’ll find in the carts of many of our shoppers: gummy candy rings! Why? They’re so delicious that it’s nearly impossible to eat just one! The more gummy candy rings you eat, the more you’ll want to eat.

Gummy bears are typically considered the most classic gummy candy, along with the ever-popular gummy worms, another delicious standard in the world of gummy candy.

But gummy candy rings have become a fast favorite among young and old candy lovers alike, and they come in a variety of mouthwatering flavors here at Land Of The Gummies. They also make perfectly clever wedding favors and bridal shower treats that party guests of all ages will be thrilled to receive!

Gummy Peach Rings

Unlike juicy peaches that are only fresh for a short time during the summer, our delicious gummy peach rings can be enjoyed year-round!

Arguably the most popular flavor among gummy candy rings, these gummy peach rings offer a nostalgic flavor that might bring back memories of tossing gummy peach rings around with your friends at birthday parties or outside in the summer. Or maybe decking out every finger on your hand with these sugary treats before devouring them one by one!

Who could resist? With a smooth, delightful peachy flavor and soft texture, gummy peach rings are hard to beat.

Gummy Apple Rings

Apples are among the most-consumed fruits on the planet, and that sweetness the world loves so much is packed into gummy apple rings for an absolutely delightful taste. Our gummy apple rings sparkle in two shades of green and are lightly covered in tart sugar for a perfect flavor combination.

Once again, gummy apple rings aren’t only good during the hopping autumn apple season. Your guests and clients will be hooked enough to want gummy apple rings all year long!

Gummy Watermelon Rings

Red and pink gummy watermelon rings are a showstopper in candy store displays! With this color scheme, gummy watermelon rings make great holiday stocking stuffers or an excellent accent or focal point for Valentine’s Day parties, Fourth of July celebrations, or any occasion honoring someone who loves a pop of color and mouth watering flavor.

These refreshing gummy candy rings offer a burst of exquisite flavor in every bite. Each gummy watermelon ring has a sugar coating to add even more flavor and texture to the eating experience. Try some today!

Your Headquarters for the Best Gummy Candy Rings

No matter what you decide, any flavor of gummy candy ring will be a winner. And hey, why limit yourself to one kind when you could try them all? Land Of The Gummies gummy candy rings and other products are available to purchase at many retailers across the country.

Land Of The Gummies is an internationally known gummy brand. With headquarters in the United States and treats manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities across the globe, Land Of The Gummies has grown a loyal following that increases daily!

Be sure to check out our selection at and stock up for your daily treats, next celebration, or to make your retail operation everyone’s favorite stop.

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